The above quotation was taken from the official Breitling web site. Whether the actual figure is 99%, 95% or any other number you want to make up, I don't know. What I do know that is every day I see many, many fake Breitlings appearing on the various internet auction sites being passed off as genuine. This site is an attempt on my part to reduce the chances of you being conned into buying an expensive fake Breitling.

If you've come here looking to discover where to buy the best Breitling replicas, you won't find it. Whilst the purpose of this site is not to lecture over the morality of the fake trade, it is not here to promote it.

I became fascinated by replica watches during a visit to New York City in 2001. My guide, a native New Yorker, knew I liked watches, particularly Breitlings, and so took me down to Canal Street for a look around. At that time, it was wall to wall fake Rolex but tucked away in a corner I did find a fake Breitling which I purchased for the princely sum of $40.

This watch became a fun item to show my friends. Never once did I pretend it was anything but a fake but it looked good and was the catalyst for me wanting to buy the real thing more and more. I didn't have the money to walk into a jewelers and buy a new watch so I was forced to look on the second hand market. Whilst there was the odd internet retailer selling Breitlings, they were few and far between and so, like most people, I centered my search on eBay. This was when I began to realise just how dangerous it is buying on the internet due to the number of cheap fakes and near perfect replicas being sold.

"Knowledge is Power" as they say and so began my quest to learn as much as I could about the replicas being sold and how to spot them. I joined a couple of replica watch forums and read everything I could find until I felt I knew enough to be safe in my purchase. For some time now, I've been sharing my knowledge of fakes and replicas on a couple of Breitling forums, mainly www.breitlingsource.com (user name = Sharkmouth) which I would recommend to anyone with an interest in Breitlings. It increasingly struck me that people considering buying a Breitling on the net had nowhere to look to check if their prospective purchase was likely to be genuine or not. Hopefully, this site will help to rectify matters.


eBay Australia
A special word of caution should be made here regarding eBay Australia. Unlike all the other (English speaking) eBay countries, eBay.com.au alone do not appear willing to remove listings of watches known to be fakes. Despite repeated warnings and requests, they allow listings to continue to the end, resulting in the unsuspecting buyer paying thousands of dollars, when they have been advised by several people, mostly with enhanced member status, that it is a fake. I would, therefore, advise extreme caution in buying any luxury branded item from eBay.com.au as there seems to be an unwillingness to remove counterfeit items from their site. Update February 2012 - eBay Oz is definitely getting better at removing fakes but are still less vigalent than the others. Take care!


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Just for the record, this site is 100% unofficial and is not licensed, endorsed or approved in any way by Breitling SA.